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My Specialties

Relationship Issues

Relationship can be rewarding yet it can also be frustrating and heartbreaking. Most of us struggle with relationship issues at some point in our lives. Let it be with your spouse, parent, child, sibling, or a close friend, unresolved relationship issues impact our mood, focus, decision making, productivity at work, and it may even affect the other relationships that we have. When trying to tackle the problem on your own isn't working, it may be worth it to seek professional help. My specialty is relationship issues. I see individuals with troubled relationship and also couples in marital or couple counseling. If you are wanting to get closer to someone, it requires you to look within yourself, rather than focus on changing the other person. Most of us are too invested in pinpointing what the other person has done you wrong and how much pain and hurt he or she has caused you. Don't get me wrong, for all the emotional turmoil that this person has put you through, rightfully so that you would want to hold on to the feelings of hurt, disappointed, anger and resentment. However, as long as you are focusing your attention in changing the other person, you are distracted from what you can do to improve that relationship. Ask yourself if it is more important to be right or to work on improving that relationship? If your answer is the latter, then I love to assist you!

Asia & South East Asia

For many of us who are born into a traditional Asian family, having to navigate among those 'unspoken rules' can be a challenging task! We learned from the early age that there are many rules, such as respect for one's parents and elders, putting others' needs before one's, and preserving harmony within the family and community, are expected to be obyed without question. You will be punished for breaking those rules, often times through shaming within the nuclear family, extended family and sometimes the community. Being bicultural and multilingual, I understand the intricacy of those 'unspoken rules' within many traditional Asian families at multiple levels of expression and interaction. I feel particularly rewarded when I assist my clients to find the delicate balance between individual and family needs. I provide individual and couple therapy in English and Mandarin.

Therapy for Depression & Anxiety

Unable to get out of bed in the morning? Do you feel sad or empty all the time? Have you lost interest or pleasure in almost all activities? Struggle with sleep issues? Do you feel worthless or have thoughts of suicide? Alternatively, do you worry or feel restless all the time? You may find it difficult to concentrate and to control your worry. Has your anxiety kept you up at night and made you feel irritable and exhausted during the day? You can learn ways to fight your depression or anxiety and regain control of your life!

Life Transitional Issues

Just ended an intimate relationship, and you are left with overwhelming feelings of despair, disappointment, anger, shame, hurt, fear and sadness? Are you unsure how to respond when your child asks for “the other parent”? As we age, we may face different life demands. Young adults may feel vulnerable and overwhelmed when handling crucial decision-making and daily responsibilities on their own. On the other hand, someone in their 60s may feel lost due to a recent retirement. Others may be going through a major life transition, such as a divorce and/or a loss of health. There is no shame in seeking out extra support when you need it! Therapy can assist you with creating new, meaningful goals when you face the next chapter of your life.

Struggle with Relocation

Just relocated from another state or country? Do you feel overwhelmed, disoriented, isolated, grief-stricken, or resentful? Many individuals and families from all over the world are moving to the Bay Area in search of better employment or educational opportunities. While relocating brings new opportunities, it often takes a toll on the spousal relationship. It is important for family members to resolve these negative feelings and communicate their expectations and fears to each other. Therapy can help individuals and families cope better with the move, identify possible local resources and create a new support network. Also, therapist can work with parents to choose an appropriate parenting style from their culture of origin to retain and to adopt some new elements of mainstream parenting in the local culture. Therapy can make this move a positive experience for all family members!

About Me

Gaik Kee "Grace" Khoo

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT 53066).

   Counseling is not for everyone. It takes courage, hard work, and commitment to achieve your goals. While I can't wait to show you some powerful tools to tackle your problems, first you need to decide if you want the help! I promise not to jump ahead of you as I don't believe in pushing you to do something that you're not ready for or not interested in. In other words, I strongly believe in developing and maintaining therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist that is strengthen by mutual trust, respect and honesty. While I am primarily trained in the Family System Theory, I also incorporate the advanced CBT-TEAM, an evidence-based model developed by David Burns, M.D. I assist my clients to create treatment plan based on their unique needs, strengths and goals. For many, our work together has been an eye opening experience as they discover the key to happiness. I provide counseling services in English and Mandarin. Are you ready to take charge of your life?    

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